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Dan SumnerHi and welcome to my corner of the internet where I mostly talk about online marketing, money and the odd rant about life and business.

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About me

I can usually get through this is a few lines, but seen as you are here I will let you into a few secrets.

I’m now over forty! Don’t worry younger generation people I still like a party and may use some un-cool words now and then, but stick with me I know my stuff.

For the people older, much older or the same age, you will know what I’m talking about when it comes to the forty something jargon, so you’ve come to right place as well.

I’ve been online marketing for ages, since 2006 so you could say I’ve been about a bit. I’ve done the seminars, the meetings, the launches, the $100, $1000, $10,000 Dollar days, been wealthy, skint (zero money to my name), buy I still earning an income slightly more than some (quite a bit over the national average in the UK) but not as much as The Wolf of Wall Street.

So you could say I can help you with your online business.

*disclaimer – Some of the things I teach here, will or may lead to a sale of one of my product or a commissions for a recommendation of another product. What I teach works, it’s up to you to put in the effort to make it work.

“Random insta quote – Wealth is a dream until YOU make it real. No one got rich by doing nothing.”

What’s next?

Here are a couple of posts to check out in the meantime. Remember to grab the report, this also allows me to stay in touch with you:

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How Important is a Blog to Your Business

How important is a blog to your business? Depending on the nature of your business of course does depend on the importance of your blog. So since I’m in the online marketing business and I’m assuming you are to because you are reading my post, that’s where we can...

5 Simple Ways to Increase Email Open Rates

5 simple ways to increase email open rates to take your email marketing to the next level   There is a lot of talk on the internet marketing grape vine surrounding email marketing and how it may have had it's day and Facebook is the best way to target subscribers...

More Than Double Your Income With Split Testing

In this post I want to show you how to more than double your income with split testing It's been a tough few weeks for me during the launch of product launch Control. There are a  list of tasks as long as your arm to do when launching and a list as long as your leg to...

The Single Most Obvious way to Grow Your Business

What is 'The Single Most Obvious way to Grow Your Business'? During the summer every year, I take a 2 - 3 week vacation from the UK. This year I'm in Spain (again) mainly because it's hot, relaxing and the kids just love it here. It takes just over 2 hours to get...

Why Clickbank Closed My Business Without Warning

It's funny how things in business happen and how you can't rely on almost anything to work seamlessly anymore. The term passive income isn't exactly passive, well not for me in this instance anyway! Please read this post to the end to grab your FREE download of my...

Cancelling Launches and Making Decisions Based on Business

Yesterday I mentioned to my subscribers I had a special announcement, incidentally if you are not a subscriber, you can signup on the right and grab a great free report. Anyhow, what was the announcement? Cancelling Launches and making Decisions based on my Business...

14 Ways to Increase Productivity to Build Business and Motivation

This week has been a busy one for me and the need for ways to increase productivity has been essential! On June the 9th (update your calendars) I have a new product launch with my friend John Thornhill and the schedule is tough to say the least. This is why the need...