Free Guides to Increase Your Business

Below you will find a list of products to help you increase your knowledge and your business. All products are created by Dan Sumner Marketing and all are free to download! Take a look and see for yourself how we can help you on your online business journey.



eBook Cycle

Looking to create your own eBooks and reports, but not quite sure how to do it? Give the eBook Cycle a try. I’ll even show you how you can make money with eBooks. With over 2000 downloads this works!

The JV Black Book

A simple but comprehensive guide to gathering new joint venture business partners. This was created by Dan Sumner (me) as a guide for me to refer to when I need to build relationships. Give it a try!

50 Killer Headlines

Stuck for a headline for your next email or blog post? Look no further. I compiled this to help you when the writers block hits. Check it out below, simply click the image and the PDF is yours.

Looking For Something More Personal?

If you are looking for something more personal such as marketing consultation or product creation, please download our strategy report HERE

Anything else? Please simply get in touch…

A Digital Marketing Agency

We specialise in online marketing, copy writing and affiliate marketing to move your business forward!


Brand Awareness

Your business is our business! We have a vast array of experience in brand awareness with the ability to tailor any campaign to suit your business needs!

Internet Marketing

We specialise in internet marketing, content creation and funnels strategies to increase your revenue 10 x.

Customer Influence

Our aggressive sales strategies provide your business with more sales and more customers!