A Digital Marketing Agency

We specialise in online marketing, copy writing, product creation and sales funnels to move your business forward!


Brand Awareness

Your business is our business! We have a vast array of experience in brand awareness with the ability to tailor any campaign to suit your business needs!

Internet Marketing

We specialise in internet marketing, content creation and funnels strategies to increase your revenue 10 x.

Customer Influence

Our aggressive sales strategies provide your business with more sales and more customers!

Our Story

Over a decade in the internet marketing business developing websites, copywriting, building brand awareness, product creation, building sales funnels and social media marketing and affiliate marketing. You could say we have a great foundation for business growth and influencing customers!

Right now at Dan Sumner Marketing we specialise in internet marketing strategies, product creation, lead magnet creation and sales funnel creation with the aim to 10 x your business growth in the first year!

What business doesn’t need increased sales and more customers? We are here to help you achieve that.

  • Product Creation
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Copywriting
  • Sales Funnel Strategies

Director and Marketing Professional

Director and marketing manager, I have over a decade of marketing experience, specialising in customer acquisition, brand awareness, product creation and  affiliate marketing. I’ve created and authored 100’s of online products, and masterminded many marketing campaigns over the last 10 years! I’m also a published author of The Bloggers Roadmap.

You could say I’ve has been here since the early days of internet marketing!

Content Creation Manager

Content creation manager, Emma has worked along side Dan in their business for the last 10 years. A fully qualified Human Resources Director, Emma turned to content creation and marketing influence to build the business to what it is today!

If you want to discuss marketing campaigns and a business strategy, please get in touch.