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Dan Sumner
Dan Sumner

I’m Dan Sumner, the face behind Dan and Marketing From Scratch. I’m a published author, content creation expert and marketing professional. With the help and my wife and family I created Dan to provide help, information, tips and   resources to help you get more from online marketing.

What qualifies me to teach you? How about over 14 years of experience in the online marketing industry?  And trust me it hasn’t been all roses and income! Oh no… Iv’e been up, down and sideways in the business  and I still work every day to earn an income.. so this is NOT a place sell you magic bullets and special sauce  to riches. It’s about genuine online courses to help you get ahead!

I have over a decade of marketing experience, specialising in customer acquisition, brand awareness, product creation and  affiliate marketing. I’ve created and authored 100’s of online products, and masterminded many marketing campaigns over the last 10 years! I’m also a published author of The Bloggers Roadmap.

You could say I’ve has been here since the early days of internet marketing and had a wild ride doing it. 


Let’s Get Personal


No not you, me! if you are going to work with someone it’s nice to get to know them a little. So what about me?

Name – Daniel Sumner

Age – 40 (something)

Height – 6’2 

Likes – Mountain biking nut, gym, weight training, running, walking, outdoors life, traveling, cooking, music, reading and the movies.

As well as the above I love marketing and also investing strategies and making money. I find it fascinating how you can turn content into cash and cash into more cash.

Regrets –  Not traveling the world in my 20’s and also not investing earlier, also reading more books in my teens and twenties about income!

I guess with regrets, you have to stay positive, because you can always do now what you missed out on then. Take traveling for example, I do this when I can and have now been to more countries and places than I would have if I’d taken time out. 

Money and investing? It’s never too late to start. The same with business, It’s never too late to begin no matter how old you are…

Loves – Spending time with my family, There is no greater treasure than family and having family adventures is where I find happiness:

Cape Verde Dune Buggy
Hamsterley Forest MTB
Cape Verde Santa Monica Beach

It’s Never Too Late

If you haven’t started an online business yet, don’t worry, you’re not alone, there are 1000’s of people just like you just waiting to get started. I suggest having a look around, and if you wan to start a blog today, there is no better way than starting with the Bloggers Roadmap on my COURSES page.

In fact, I’m already giving free advice away with my 3 free reports to help you move forward. Check it out HERE.

I’m working hard to build Dan into a blog that not only helps you build your business, but also makes you a better blogger, marketer and hopefully fanatically better off.

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