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Resources to Help You Succeed!

At I look to offer the best servcies, tips and tools to help you get the most from your business.

On the resources page right here, you kind find the tools I have in my online markeitng toolbox!

Some free, some paid but whatever it is I keep this page updated with the best options and help.

My Toolbox 

Take a look inside my toolbox. These are the tools and resources I use on a daily basis to help my business grow. These are my recommendations for the best products to help you get ahead. What you will find below are the essentials you need to get started and a few tools I rely on for the best results.


Blue Host Web Hosting 

Why does Blue Host make the top of the list. Well it’s simple. If you want to start an online business that’s reliable and stays reliable then you need hosting. Blue Host is both affordable and reliable and won’t let you down. I’ve been with them for years and highly recommend then for your internet marketing needs. Go for the basic package at first and build up if needed. Check it out HERE

List Building With Aweber

 You have seen the list building elements on my website, the opt-in forms, the popup forms, the Hello Bar at the top of the page. Well all of these help build my subscriber base, that you are a part of. Aweber is my tool of choice and one of the most important factors in my business. It stores, collects and allows me to email subscribers, send automatic responses and create the opt-in forms you see here. The value of the tool is highly recommended. Check it out HERE

Your WordPress Blog

 Without a doubt my Blog platform of choice. WordPress is a free resource which you can use as many times as you like and not be charged a penny. There are multiple themes, paid and free which you can also use to make your blog as individual as you are. Coupled with my Bloggers Roadmap course WordPress is my go to website builder platform. Check it out HERE

Elegant Themes

There is a lot of debate about what type of theme to use and which theme is better than the next. Personally I am a big fan of individual designs with a premium theme such as the Elegant Themes DIVI which is what I currently use. If you are truly interested in creating your own theme, I highly suggest Elegant DIVI themes. It’s what I run my blog on and it really does give you a lot of tools for your investment.




Take a look at the proven courses below. These are great for your business needs and to help you get ahead. If you any questions on any of the courses provided, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Bloggers Roadmap

Do you need to create a blog or have always had the burning desire to start something new and earn an online income? Well the Bloggers Roadmap is the place to start and become a full time blogging expert! This program is a highly comprehensive guide and will give you everything you need to get started the right way. Check it out HERE

PLR Monster

Our premium PLR service of over 99 PLR products at your disposal. When you have your own product, you get to keep all of the profits and all of the subscribers. With your own products you are building an asset that you own forever. The problem most people have is they either don’t have the time, or they don’t have the skills needed to create their own Top Quality Products. What if That Was All Done For You… Check it out HERE

Digital Profit Master

The reality of it all is, without prior product planning and development your project is set to fail from the start. Without a structure to follow you increase your chances of missing vital elements of the product development process. Digital Profit Master gives you all the tools you need to create the perfect products every time. Check it out HERE

Online Webinars

We run and recommend a series of online webinars that are specifically recommended to help you answer the right questions and push your business forward. 

Myself and Dave Nicholson host a revealing webinar where you find out exactly how we use PLR products to build business and income. 

We’ll explain exactly why you should use PLR material, highlighting all the reasons you can benefit from this. We’ll also share with you all the common mistakes that people make when using PLR material, so you can avoid them yourself.

Plus, there is a not so well known ‘key’ to making this all work for you, we’ll explain exactly what the ‘key’ is, so you can unlock it’s FULL potential. Grab your spot HERE

My good friend and business partner has been crushing it on Clickbank as a product developer and super affiliate and he wants to share the secrets with you. 

In This Exclusive Training With ClickBanks Top 1% Seller John Thornhill You’ll Discover, how 9 out of 10 of his students are making a full time living from the internet working just a few hours per day. – It’s easier than you think.

Also how he creates his own automated online income streams that generate sale after sale. And how he is able to do this and have true time freedom by working just a few hours each day! Grab your spot HERE 

It’s Never Too Late

If you haven’t started an online business yet, don’t worry, you’re not alone, there are 1000’s of people just like you just waiting to get started. I suggest having a look around, and if you wan to start a blog today, there is no better way than starting with the Bloggers Roadmap.

In fact, I’m already giving free advice away with my 3 free reports to help you move forward. Check it out HERE.

I’m working hard to build Dan into a blog that not only helps you build your business, but also makes you a better blogger, marketer and hopefully in a place fanancially.