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Welcome to Bloggers Roadmap Boot Camp Day 1 

Getting Started With Your Blog Name and Niche Content


When starting out you need to think of the niche your blog is going to be about. You also need a domain and hosting.

But for now, let’s take a look at niches and finding your niche and the name of your blog.


Choosing Your Niche

When it comes to choosing your niche there are a few factors to consider. I regard passion as one of the main focus points of choosing a niche, although sometimes this is not always the case. When you first make the decision to start a blog, it can be done for many reasons.

Some of those reasons are:

  • Money
  • Personal Charity or help
  • Community
  • Informative
  • Fun/hobbies
  • Work/business

Whatever niche you decide to blog about, one thing remains, one hard and fast rule. Stick with your niche and don’t blog about multiple none related subjects.

Your goal is to create a following of niche related readers and build a community of likeminded folks who will share your content, buy your products and join you in conversation.

If you start a blog with unrelated posts and content you will soon see a divide in your following and ultimately, all or most of your subscribers will seek info elsewhere.

Choosing a Topic

Choosing a topic and remaining niche specific is essential for blog success. By choosing a specific niche and making that niche your topic will allow for:

Specific reader loyalty – By choosing a specific content topic or niche you allow for all your readers to be interested in the same topic, this creates interaction.

Community – As well as reader interaction, you create community, people interact with each other. With the introduction of social media, this can lead to Facebook fan page members, groups and Twitter followers.

Expert status – Blogging about a niche specific subject allows you to become, and be seen as, an expert within your niche. Blogging about various subjects makes you seem like a jack of all trades and master of none.

SEO specific – When it comes to the search engines, having specific content topics allows you to target your whole blog to make it easier for the search engines to track your blog and target a niche.

Monetizing and ads – When you want to make money from your blog, you need advertising and products. If your blog isn’t targeted towards a specific niche, you are going to have a problem with ads and product advertising.


Choosing a Niche

My blog topic (online marketing) was also my passion. It’s what I love doing and what I feel comfortable writing about, so finding my niche was easy!

I simply went with my passion. Unless you have your niche idea and passion already decided and your blog planned out it can take a little bit of research to finding your niche.

Try looking at some of the more important factors when it comes to choosing a niche:

Look at your passions – First of all take a look at your passions. What gives you energy and excites you? If you blog about your passion, you are never going to struggle for content. You may get a little writers block now and then, but you will always get over it.

Are you an expert? – If you have an expert hobby or job role then you have a distinct advantage over everyone who is interested in your niche. You immediately command respect as the expert.

Do you have enough content to write about? – You may not be an expert, but you may have the knowledge to create a lot of good content. This way you can sustain your blog and create a lot of content for the search engines. Be careful you don’t become disinterested.

Learn your niche – This goes hand in hand with passion. By learning your niche and making it your focus or hobby, you can take an audience on your journey from novice to expert. This is a very good way to create community.

Blogging about the latest trends – Not the way I would blog, but it can be a great way to rank high in the search engines. Blogging about hot topics and trends doesn’t tend to be sustainable, but can be good for short term niche blogging and very profitable if monetized in the right way.

No matter what niche you choose if you love what you do, then you will make it work. When it comes to choosing your niche, you have to weigh the factors against each other and find your own specific path of what is going to suit you as the future blogger.

In summary don’t rush into looking for a niche. Consider the facts before you leap into blogging. Ensure you have enough content, make sure you can stick with your niche, you don’t want to bomb out after a few months of hard work.

Most of all choosing your niche is all about providing long lasting content and having the ability to keep on providing it. It doesn’t have to be something you are doing now, try something new you may just find you love it! Beware blogging is addictive.


The Name of Your Blog?

This is a question I get asked time and time again – What domain should I buy?

A domain name is the name of your website if you didn’t know. My domain name is “” as you can see in the URL of your web browser when you visited my blog.

But what domain name can you buy?

With the addition of new domain extensions you have a lot more choices from the traditional .com, .net,, .info domains. However .com is the most searched for domain extension, so always try the common ones first.

What are you going to call your business? 

Your name is always a good investment, if that’s how you would like to brand yourself. If you don’t want to brand yourself, but rather a business, then it’s back to your niche.

You need to create a name aligning your business niche with your domain name: bigdavecars.whatever doesn’t sell fish food does it.

So first of all associate with your niche with your domain name.

Here’s a tip – Grab a thesaurus, open Google and start searching for names.

You can use the domain checker below:


Ok, that’s about all for today’s lesson. I hope you enjoyed it.

What you should have taken away from this lesson is:

1. You’ve decided on your niche
2. You have a domain name chosen, check above  if you haven’t

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