As you know I do try to keep the Dan Sumner readers up to date with what I’m doing within my business and share some tips on how to enhance your own business in the internet marketing niche.

Today is no different, I have “12 steps to killer sales pages for the novice copywriter” for you to take away and apply to your online business, no matter what niche you are in… Enjoy!

12 Steps to Killer Sales Pages for the Novice Copywriter

Sales page writing

I am currently writing my sales letter for the new Bloggers Roadmap update so these 12 Steps to Killer Sales Pages for the Novice Copywriter will come in handy for me. Now this is something which I feel is a necessity for an internet marketer. Yes I know it can be outsourced, however if you can write good sales copy you can write good email copy, and the ability to write good email copy will give you advantages when writing affiliate emails for promotions and your own affiliate pages for your own products.

You will save a ton on fees for copywriters as they can be very expensive!

It’s taken me around 3 days to write the sales copy for my new product, that’s a total of about 15 hours to write the text, proof read, review and place descriptions in the page for what images I would like to use.

I don’t create my own graphics I outsource them to GFX-1 for a professional look which is essential. If you are planning some graphics work, then these guys are very reasonably priced, and I highly recommend them.

A little bit about sales copy

When I mention sales copy, you may or may not understand the concept of writing a sales letter. You may find it very easy, alternatively you may find it very hard. Personally I’m somewhere in the middle. I can’t just sit and write copy without having the product information at hand and also the right frame of mind to start. It’s different to writing a blog post, where you have to think like a sales person when writing.

Try to be the customer and think outside the box.

Once you do get started you need to build up a story of what you want to sell. This includes (in a nut shell) projecting a problem, providing a solution to that problem and a call to action! There is also a lot more in-between to entice the reader to buy your product but I will get to that in a moment. Some copywriters are so good at writing sales copy and leading the buyer to buy, they can charge up to and even over 10k for a great sales letter. Not a bad job, if you are good it.

A sales letter guide

I have been using a sales copy anatomy which I would like to share with you as a little thank you for being a reader. It basically breaks all the elements of a sales letter down to a step by step process, so you can work your sales copy writing around it. I’m sure if you use it in your own sales letters in the future you will see improved conversion.

Check out the 12 copywriter steps here:

Phase 1 – The Killer headline – Time to reveal the big news. Your headline should reveal something that the reader would like enough to keep on reading. This is the most important part. You have around 4 seconds to grab the readers before they leave.

Phase 2 – Introduce yourself – Let people know who you are, add a little bit about yourself. It’s good to see who the person is behind the sales letter.

Phase 3 -Tell your story – Identify the problem you have which you will eventually sell them the result.

Phase 4 – Reveal the discovery – Speak about your findings and how or what you discovered which adds to the solution.

Phase 5 – Show Results – Display the result to the problem, your findings and an overview of how you overcome the problem and what your biggest achievements were or are.

Phase 6 – The Offer – The offer will display what the product can do to solve the problem and provide the answers.

Phase 7 – Connect with the buyer on their level – Provide information that they will connect with i.e. how good they can become if they buy your product, list benefits.

Phase 8 – Seal the deal – Put your offer on the table, list all the benefits again.

Phase 9 – Close the sale – Walk your potential buyer through the steps to buy, don’t leave it up to the buyer to connect those dots because some won’t. Tell them how to do it.

Phase 10 – Offer a guarantee – Offer a 60 day money back guarantee. If you are using Paypal or Clickbank, this is mandatory anyway so offer it. It puts and iron coat around your sale to reinforce any doubt the buyer may have for not buying.

Phase 11 – Close the sale – Run the key benefits of buying the product once more before they hit the buy button. Don’t give them the option of saying no. Reinforce it.

Phase 12  – The PS – Don’t forget the PS after the buy button and the personal images – You can reinforce the sale with guarantees and  a quick reiteration of how the product will benefit the buyer.

I hope you enjoy the sales copy anatomy, I’m sure it will help you immensely in the future when building your own sales letters.

Did you know there was so much to a sales page?

Can you add to the anatomy. Is there anything you feel works for you?

Let me know in the comments section below.

Also if you have any questions, as usual just let me know.


Remember – sales copy anatomy basically breaks all the elements of a sales letter down to 12 Steps to a Killer Sales Page to lead the buyer to buy.


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