14 Ways to Increase Productivity to Build Business and Motivation
This week has been a busy one for me and the need for ways to increase productivity has been essential! On June the 9th (update your calendars) I have a new product launch with my friend John Thornhill and the schedule is tough to say the least. This is why the need for increased productivity and distraction free working is essential.

Here’s what’s been happening for the last few days and 14 Ways to Increase Productivity to Build Business and Motivation

1. Batching email into time slots – It’s not really that important to constantly check your email, unless you are waiting for a particular correspondence from someone. So with that said, try batching emails into time slots morning and evening; this way you don’t have to worry about distractions while working. Turn email off!

2. Get a virtual assistant (VA) – Something I have been looking into recently for certain tasks, but not yet took the step, but it is looking more likely. I’m currently reading Chris Duckers ‘Virtual Freedom’ and the ideas are flowing for the use of a VA. You can outsource all of your remedial tasks such as email, helpdesk, blog comments, information finding, basically there is a VA for anything you need!

3. Shut social media down – This is mega important! There is nothing like social distraction to kill your productivity. Social Media is exactly what it is and unless you have specific business on FB, then stay away from socialising while trying to work on your next big product! The last thing you need is to be looking at videos of talking cats or liking motivational pictures when you should be motivating.

4. Goal planning – Focus on your goals for the day and stick with them unless you absolutely must deviate. Daily even hourly goals are a great idea. Plan your day, don’t wing it and you will see your productivity fly.

5. Turn off your WIFI – Extreme I know, but for content creation there is no better place to be than offline! I wrote this blog post offline with a focus writer without distraction or temptation. If you don’t need research, working offline is perfect for focusing on your tasks and generating those next killer plans.

6. Get out of the house go somewhere different – Sometimes a change of scenery can inspire your creative self. Try coffee shops, restaurants, tranquil places such as nice scenery, even a change of location at home such as my fave place, my new leather chair and foot stool 🙂

7. Turn on music – I love listening to music and listening while working is a great way to increase productivity. However, depending on the music it can sometimes become a distraction. Singing your favorite song while writing content doesn’t’ work! Keep it low..

8. Use focus writers for content – As I mentioned earlier, using a focus writer is a great way to write in a distraction free environment. You see nothing but the screen and therefore it makes writing and focus a lot easier to manage. Try these focus writers:

FocusWriter (Windows/Mac/Linux, Free)
WriteMonkey (Windows, Free)
OmmWriter (Mac/iOS)
WriteRoom (Mac/iOS)
iA Wiriter (Mac/iOS)

9. Try Timeboxing – Timeboxing allocates a fixed time period, called a time box to each planned activity. Simply set yourself a task and an allocated time to complete some or all of it. Time boxing is an effective way for getting things done. By fixing the amount of time we spend on a given set of tasks say 30 minutes to an hour, you can focus on doing the things that matter which gives motivation to start.

If you look to complete full tasks in one sitting, then your motivation can slide due to facing that mountain! Time boxing allows you to start without the fear of completion. Try it!

10. Eat the right food – It’s not always about where you work or what you turn off to complete the tasks at hand.How you eat can be a major contributor to your daily life and how you feel. Eating tons of carbs can slow you down, so try eating power foods and lighter meals. Check out some of the power foods below from Business Insider:


11. Reward yourself – If you complete a good days work, give yourself a reward! Maybe some TV, some Xbox, you decide how to reward yourself for working hard.

12. Drink stimulating drinks – This might work for some. I personally hate coffee but love the smell? Anyone else have this problem? Stimulating drinks are good for short times when you need that little boost. If you are in for a long day, this may help but don’t over do it. The power food route would be a better option.

13. Pick the low hanging fruit – this for me works as it gives a sense of achievement. By starting the easy tasks first you put yourself into work mode which allows you to go on a tackle the harder tasks. With that said you can also flip this on it’s head which I have done in the past. Take a look at the hardest task on your plan and hit it with everything you have! If you accomplish this, the rest is simple, and guess what? Your sense of achievement is off the chart to..

14. Try a distraction – This one is something that very few seem to get away with. If I have some tasks to do when I can’t motivate myself to do without my full attention, I turn on a movie. Usually one which I have seen before, but this allows a background distraction which allows me to work as well as listen.

Trying different ways to increase your productivity is essential to the way you work. Spending time on social media, you are not going to get a great deal of business building done, unless social media is your business. You need to take action when it comes to building your business and ‘BUILDING’ doesn’t happen surfing the web, watch TV or socializing!

By working hard, smart and fast allows you to grow. Increasing productivity plays a big part in this.

How productive are you?

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