Alternative Direction in Business

Last week I took a new direction

Although only temporary, I have taken a job offered to me by my good friend John Thornhill. John has asked me to write the copy for his new up and coming Simple Traffic Solutions 2.0 Traffic Masters course. So for the mean time I have taken alternative directions in online business and marketing.

Alternative Directions in Business and Marketing - Dan Sumner

With that said I’m not exactly new to copy writing, in fact I have written the copy for some of my own products such as:

  • Bloggers Roadmap
  • Product Development Control
  • Product Launch Control
  • PLR Monthly
  • Big Traffic Guide

And quite a few more…

Alternative Skill Sets

It’s always worth having an alternative skill just in case your current business goes belly up or even worse doesn’t get off the ground the way you first thought it would. Believe me you would not be alone if it didn’t. Internet marketing is easy to get started, but equally easy to fail due to the fast paced and at times flooded nature.

But, and it’s a big one :-). It’s takes a person to start a business to realise what they can achieve in other areas, which finds themselves heading in alternative directions in business and marketing. Take my friend James Hughes

What About James?

James started in the product creation, promotion and marketing niche at first. He still dips his toe so to speak, but now James creates products and marketing strategies for other people. His primary business is not where he first started, he took alternative directions in alternative directions in business and online marketing business and marketing based on what he had learned when he first started. He now has a full team of people working for him, helping others.

Who Else?

Another couple of friends you may recognise are Dan Thompson and Paula Brett. You may know them as D9 hosting. In the early days Both Dan and Pauls started their online business creating products, blogging, marketing and affiliate marketing. When they met on a forum, Dan and Paula teamed up to provide a hosting service to a small group of people within that forum. These guys are now global and provide a fantastic service! Another successful example of alternative directions in online business and marketing.


Now there are a few draw backs to running an alternative business. Due to the nature of copywriting and report writing and design (or anything else) they take a lot of time to complete. So this doesn’t leave a lot of room for building my (your) own business. Not unless I start to work extra long hours and I don’t want that.

I’m about a week into Simple Traffic Solutions and have completed the first draft, but I’m sure there will be many many more revisions before it is complete. I won’t disclose how much I charge for sales copy of this calibre, but if this works out for John I may have quite a few more requests for work..

Take away

Always remember that starting something can lead to other things. Even if your first venture never works out, it can open the doors to opportunities you never thought possible. I hope you enjoyed – Alternative Directions in Online Business and Marketing.

“What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?” Vincent van Gogh

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