Bonus buying and bonus tips

There is a lot going on at the moment in the internet marketing world, especially with the launch of ‘Facebook ads Cracked Reloaded’. Whats the reason for the buzz surrounding this immensely popular launch? MONEY!

The affiliate prizes are epic! With a top prize of 50k and 997 @ 50% per sale, affiliates are going all out to provide you with everything but the kitchen sink to make sales! They are teaming up together to get a share of the no minimum sales prize of $50,000 1st spot. And why not? The guys teaming up are not called Internet Marketers (entrepreneurs) for nothing they need to earn their crust 🙂

How does this concern you?

Remember, there is nothing for sale in this post just some good MSF info..

Marketers are going all out to make as many sales as they can for the big 50k prize! This means they are willing to do almost anything short of selling their grandmother to make sales and that means BONUSES!!! Big fat bonuses that you can capitalize on to get the best deal for your buck. After all, the product itself is $997 and that alone is a lot of money to invest if you aren’t serious about your business.

Calling all marketers!

What did I just say about being serious? “After all, the product itself is $997 and that alone is a lot of money to invest if you aren’t serious about your business”. Just take a second and flip this on it’s head for a sec. Would you invest $997 to get an amazing bonus with everything from:

  • Product coaching
  • Product promotions
  • Marketing packages
  • Calls
  • Support
  • Products

And a ton more stuff! What would you normally pay for these as individual items compared to what you can get them for when buying a bonus? The benefits are two fold – you get a great proven product (FB ads) and all the benefits the bonuses are giving you.

What to look for if you are considering this

A few simple searches in the following areas can open up a ton of bonus items:

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Marketers lists

When I say marketers lists, take a look at your favorite marketers and see if they are involved in the promotion. If they are then you have a serious investment decision to make.

Here is a tip that you can use to get what YOU WANT! Every marketer in the affiliate comp wants to generate as many sales as possible. This is your opportunity to ask for more. As well as the bonus opportunities they are already providing, you hold the cards to negotiate for extras and the things that you want or need.

Remember it’s always worth asking for what you need..

If you are investing in FB Ads Reloaded, then good luck I’m sure you will find a great bonus. If you weren’t considering looking for a bonus, then I guess my job has been done here today.


Also feel free to share if any of your social media friends would find this interesting.



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