Covid 19 Lockdown and How You Can Benefit

Covid 19 Lockdown and How You Can Benefit

I won’t come close to ticking everyones box here, but from an online marketers point of view, this is how me and my family are handling the Covid 19 lockdown and how you can benefit.

What is a Black Swan?

“A black swan is an unpredictable event that is beyond what is normally expected of a situation and has potentially severe consequences. Black swan events are characterized by their extreme rarity, their severe impact, and the widespread insistence they were obvious in hindsight.”

New Experiences

Never in my lifetime have we experienced something like this. You may hear some war time veterans or similarly people who experienced WWII in the 40’s comparing the Covid 19 epidemic to a wartime situation.

Well, they’d be right doing so. We are fighting an enemy and an invisible one at that!

But let’s not get caught up in it, trying to explain it all. Let’s simply focus on getting through these unprecedented times the best we can and try to be positive!


If you are like me, you are on lockdown and abiding by the government instructions of social distancing and 1 hour of fitness per day (each and every day).

“I can’t stress to you more to take full advantage of your time outside!”

If you are not doing any kinds of fitness, then it’s time to start. You will be so surprised at how your body reacts. The health benefits are amazing. Weight loss, better sleep, increased mental attitude and a sense generally feeling good!

If you are used to fitness, then you will be making the most of your time like me…

Building your business

If you work a day job, I’m guessing you have seen a massive difference. Here in the UK, with the exception of key workers, the government subsidised most incomes so we as a nation can stay at home.

Some people however are not so lucky, such as the self employed who have been hit hard with very little in the way of support. At this time I really feel for these people and if this is you – stay safe, we will get through this.

Online Income

If you are like me and run a business from home, or have a side hustle where you can work from home, now is the time to really get stuck into your business the best you can.

I know, like me you may have families to take care of, and home schooling to do, but do try to work on your business or create something you can be proud of when all this shit comes to an end!

A Sense of Normality

You may be asking why work on your business when the government is paying your wages, or why work on your online biz when there isn’t much point or hope?

You may be asking why start an online business when no one is spending money? Or even what’s there to be proud of when there is no end in sight?

Well, to put in quite simply, we are human in nature and we need routine! And to put it another way… you have a shed load of time on your hands, so get off Netflix and bloody do something!


The bottom line of all this mess is, try to build a routine into your life. Don’t spend your days sitting in your pyjamas drinking red wine and beer and binge watching TV!

See this situation as an opportunity. Just because the world has stopped doesn’t mean you have to?

They say, it’s a global reset. So go ahead and reset your own life and take the time as a gift to do something new. Stay home and create something magical, you may just surprise yourself and what you can really achieve.

Here’s My Routine

This is my routine below. It’s not regimental, it’s a loose routine built into my days, so I get stuff done and feel a good sense of achievement when I complete my day.

  1. Wake up around 7am
  2. Cycle for 1 hour
  3. Breakfast (usually some form of eggs)
  4. Black coffee
  5. Plan my day ahead and bullet tasks while I watch the news (I have a planner diary which helps)
  6. Work on my tasks
  7. Stop for lunch
  8. Work on my tasks
  9. Complete my day around 4 or 5PM

In between all of the above, I make time for my kids, cook lunch for them and maintain a steady line of English Tea for my wife who is also working from home.

I don’t dwell on the news, sit in my pyjamas, drink or binge Netflix, these are saved for evenings and weekends as they usually would be (yes I’m not a machine).

I hope you can see the value in working while on lockdown, or doing something you wouldn’t normally do to maintain a sense of routine.

Give it a try, if anything it will help you to stay sane. Also remember, that this won’t last forever! So stay safe and ride the storm…

A Webinar Worth Watching

If you are interested in starting something new and getting the most from lockdown, I suggest checking out the webinar below. My friend John can really help hit home what we have discussed today.

Check it out HERE


Thanks for reading Covid 19 lockdown and how you can benefit. How are you handling lockdown? Please let me know…

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