Do Internet Marketers Prey on the Newbie?
Well where do I start with this post? I want to use profanity but I’m a nice guy and have a larger vocabulary than that so I wont, well not yet anyway.

As far as mailing subscription lists go I have quite a few marketers sending me emails every day. I don’t read them all but I do look at the email titles and who has sent them mainly because I want to see what people are up to, what they are selling and how their email appeals to me. The ones I do open or titles which appeal to me the most, I usually keep and add my own spin of the title and add it into a text file for later use.

The reason I do this is simply my way of knowing what’s working for me. In many ways I am my own guinea pig, but I do trust my own judgment. When you work alone you have to trust yourself 100%. So in this case if I open an email or the title I see makes me open the email, it has a good chance others will do the same for the ones which I have created. By creating a title swipe file like this, you can save hours of deliberation over your next email title. Give it a try if you don’t already.

To my surprise I opened this email:

‘Make 100k 60 minutes from now’

Now I would not normally open this type of email, nor would I even consider sending something like this out to my subscribers. I have been in the marketing business long enough to know what is BS and what isn’t. But I guess curiosity got the better of me, so I opened it.

So what did I find?

1. The magic bullet to mega riches? No
2. The answer to all marketing money matters fixed in 60 minutes? No
3. Ridiculous sales hype promising you the earth in 60 minutes or your money back? Yeah you guessed it

How can this be allowed and how can you live with yourself? In a situation like this I feel heartily sorry for the newbie. I mean the sales copy is good, it’s very good, it sucks you in and fills you full of dreams of riches and wealth from the beginning. They also have a timer on the site so the clock is ticking from the second you land on the site:

Download Link Expiring In.. 1 Hour, 4 Minutes, 24 Seconds, 20Milliseconds

Except it does disappear, just hit refresh and it will start again!

Also statements like ‘We had at least five to 10 retired English professors on staff at any given time’ well did you now, wow that’s amazing!’

And what about ‘This was beyond the biggest budget we had ever seen. To create maybe the most valuable software the world has ever seen’ this is truly amazing!’

Not to mention this ‘With every site it tracked the software become smarter’ Artificial intelligence this is amazing!’

Then the deal clincher ‘If I’m on a desert island and I have forgotten everything I know about internet marketing. This software is all I would need to create a life of luxury’ I wonder would you have an internet connection on a desert island?


So for $49.95 you get:

• The most expensive software in the world
• 10 English professors
• Artificial Intelligent software that teaches itself
• A desert island
• And a life of luxury
• Your first sale guaranteed in 60 minutes


Err on second thought no thank you my BS meter is off the scale

BULL SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is serious, although it may sound funny; these guys are actually selling products and making money. When it comes down to ethical marketing it’s sites like this that need to be removed instantly or at least conveyed in a different light. If the software really does work then why not advertise what it does rather than hype it up to the point of total disbelief?

The refund rate must be through the roof!

Do you think that this product makes a fortune? The refund rate must be huge or is it that they don’t care about the refund rate as they are making so much profit? I suppose we will never know the outcome of the types of products. I know one thing for sure Clickbank has learned its lesson and upped its game to stop this type of marketing thankfully.

What good can come out of this?

Yeah I’m serious as much as it does pain me to say. Take a look at the sales copy, it well written, there are a lot of hooks in there and calls to action in

the right places. Adjusted ethically with all the BS taken out this could be good sales copy. It’s just a shame that the copy has been used in such non ethical way.

This is only one of a few emails I get for this type of product every day and it annoys me every time I read them. I could go on and name names of marketers who promote this type of product and write email copy in the same manner but I’m not going to do it.

What to do About it?

The Warrior forum is always a good place to look for reviews of products that you may not be sure about. Also if there is not a review on the Warrior forum don’t be afraid to ask here on my blog also.


What do you think of this type of email and product marketing? I would love to know your thoughts on this?

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