More Than Double Your Income With Split Testing

In this post I want to show you how to more than double your income with split testing

It’s been a tough few weeks for me during the launch of product launch Control. There are a  list of tasks as long as your arm to do when launching and a list as long as your leg to do when the launch is finished. It doesn’t simply end when the launch ends, you have followups to do, communications, support for high ticket members, etc etc. But I don’t want to talk about that today, I want to talk about something new (to me anyway) which I never did in my last launch and that is split testing.

A hot tip to make more from product launches is split testing your sales pages. Now if you are unsure what a split test is, I’ll break it down like this:

Split testing when done right will make you a ton more cash guaranteed! Why because when you split test you can see what people like and which pages are converting the best. By NOT doing it, you are reliant on your own single page and your own opinion on what people like or don’t like. In short it’s madness to think like this because everyone is different when being sold to.

Moving on

We had 4 sales pages and for this example we will call them A,B,C and D. Why 4 you ask?

We had 2 headlines and 2 videos, so we had to mix it up with all 4 variants to create and even split.

  • Sales page A had headline 1 and video 1
  • Sales page B had headline 1 and video 2
  • Sales page C had headline 2 and video 1
  • Sales page D had headline 2 and video 2

Now, you could go another level even further here by testing elements of the sales copy to finite detail, but usually the headline and the video are enough to go on as they were in this case the most important parts of the sales copy.

By using JV Zoo’s new split test feature we were allowed to create the 4 way split and test conversion percentages to find a winner, or the best converting page from a front end sales point. Testing was pretty even for around 3 days, until the a clear winner started to emerge.

What worked for us

We had two headlines, the first one which simply stated ‘In The Next Two Minutes You Will Find Out Exactly Why You Need Product Launch Control’

The second headline was a little more sales appealing ‘Discover The 6 Figure Product Launch Secrets The Gurus Don’t Want to Share and Why You Need Product Launch Control’

We also had two videos, the first was an explainer video:

The second was a compilation video of marketers who we have helped in the past which I put together. To be honest this video seemed more real, maybe a little less professional, but the point was put across a lot better.

What worked?

This headline:

Product Launch Control

And the compilation video combination I put together:

We had a small wager on what would be the all out winner and I lost. John won, with the exact combination you see above. The truth is you never know what is going to work for you until you test it. You may get it right first time, but without split testing your sale pages, you WILL leave a ton of cash on the table.

Thanks to the split facility on JVZoo this is exactly how we knew which of our pages was converting the best! If we used an alternative combination of headline A and video A, we would have almost halved total front end sales!

Take Away

In the future, don’t discount testing the market with alternative sales copy, videos, headlines etc because the truth of it all is. No matter who you are and how much advice you are given, only the numbers and percentages tell the truth.

Test test test.

Thanks for reading. Please feel free the leave a comment and share 🙂


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