How to Plan a 6 Figure Product Launch

This week has been fairly intense. Have actually spent a lot of time locked away in product development and that’s what I want to look at today. How to Plan a 6 Figure Product launch.

How to Plan a 6 Figure Product launch

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe”.
Abraham Lincoln

This quote couldn’t be so true.

Without prior planning your projects are set to fail if you simply rush headlong into a How to Plan a 6 Figure Product Launch without a thought of where you are going?

So to make it easier for you to make the most from your product launch planning I have a little treat for you. A step by Step product launch plan.

Before you start implementing your 6 figure product launch plan, your product should be 100% complete. If it’s not and you are still finishing your product as your launch approaches you will not be 100% focussed on recruiting affiliates.

Also, you should ideally test your offer to get some metrics, I know this isn’t always possible but if you can do some testing first so you have figures to give to affiliates it will show you actually care about making your affiliates money. If you make your affiliates money you make money, never forget that.

You should also let staff handle product and support issues, your job is to recruit affiliates and build buzz. If you don’t have staff yet consider hiring someone to do your support when the launch is in full swing, you can always let them go once the launch is over.

how to plan six figure product launch

Product launch strategies are important for your 6 figure product launch

It is important you try to complete all of the items below when conducting a launch. If you require more help with your own product launches, take a look at Product Launch Control and get the most from your launches.

Create a JV Partner Page – This needs to be done before you tell anyone about your launch. One huge mistake I see is marketers announcing launches when they don’t even have a completed JV page. Make sure everything is in place and your page is 100% complete.

A good products affiliate page will include the following:

• What your product will do/teach – A video tour is good
• Price points
• Sales funnel
• Commission percentage
• Dates of the launch
• How to promote – You can add affiliate training here
• Promo tools – Include as much as you can here
• Contest details – Always have a contest even if you can’t afford prizes
• How to register for your affiliate program
• How to sign up for updates
• How to get in touch with you – This is crucial!

You should also have an opt-in form on your page so affiliates can register for updates. However I would not recommend forcing affiliates to opt-in to receive any affiliate tools or info as some will leave and you will have lost a promo.

Simply place an opt-in form in a prominent position on your site and most genuine affiliates will register anyway!

You should also include contact info as some affiliates may want to get in touch. I tend to use email and Skype on my JV pages as I don’t want to send my affiliates to my help desk.

30 – 90 days before launch!

Announce your launch to affiliates – This should be done at least 30 days prior to your launch and preferably sooner. The earlier you can announce your launch the better.

Here are the main ways to announce your launch:

• Mail your affiliates from previous launches
• Personal email
• Skype
• Affiliate related Facebook groups and forums
• Facebook messaging
• Telephone
• Physical mail
• Events
• Voxer
• Launch Calendars such as JV Notify Pro, Warrior JV, MunchEye, IMLAUNCHR, JV
Launch Calendar, Launchrr, Product Calendar. Visit each site to advertise your launch

From this point onwards you should be providing regular updates about your launch and any changes or additions you make to prices, JV pages etc…

7 – 10 days before launch!

Get confirmation from affiliates – By now you should have had a lot of interest from affiliates and now is the time to try to get them to commit. Simply ask “Can I count on your support?” and you should get some confirmation. However, just because someone confirms doesn’t always mean they will promote but it will give you some indication of the support you will receive.

Let your web host know about your launch – Your site is about to receive a lot of traffic and at this time it’s best to contact your host to let them know just so they are aware. If possible have a contact number you can reach if any emergencies arise.

Start emailing your own subscribers – It’s time your own subscribers knew you had a launch coming so make them aware!

Be actively promoting your launch on Social Media – You should also be talking about your launch via Social Media, this is the time to give value in the form of free training so give give give!

72 hours before launch!

Reach out to confirmed affiliates – Keeping in touch with affiliates is crucial, this can be done via phone, personal email, text, Skype, Voxer, etc. Ask them if there’s anything they need from you.

Test your sales process – Ensure everything is working correctly, affiliate links should be tracking, the sales funnels should be working, access to your product should be granted after purchase, the customer should be added to your auto responder. Test every single scenario throughout the whole sales process.

Keep active on Social Media – The buzz should really be building now and you need to keep it going, so from here on in you need to be highly active via Social Media.

24 hours before launch!

Explain the procedure for launch day – Let your affiliates know exactly what’s going to happen on launch day, let them know what time the cart opens and what they need to do. Also let them know how to get in touch with you if they need anything. Provide the first email swipe in your email and let them know it’s there i.e. Your day 1 swipe is below.

Test your sales process again and ensure everything is working correctly.

Remind your web host about your launch – Contact your host again to remind them about your launch.

1 hour before launch!

Remind affiliates the launch is about to go live – You should be very excited by now and this should come across in your communication. Provide the day 1 swipe again.

Blast off!

Make your product live and don’t go anywhere – Once you flick the switch get ready for a frantic few hours, things can and will go wrong and it’s crucial you are on hand to deal with any issues.

You should be announcing you launch in the following areas:

• Your subscribers
• Your affiliates
• Your Twitter followers
• Your Facebook friends, pages and groups
• Facebook messaging
• Skype
• Text message
• Personal email
• Voxer
• And any other means to get your launch announcement out there

1-2 hours after launch!

Alert your affiliates with excitement – Vox your top JV’s, text them, call them (keep them in the loop) BE EXCITED! Again make sure you provide swipe in any emails you send.

2 – 4 hours after launch!

Update everyone else – Let everyone know how your launch is flying and the time to get on this is now.

24 hours after launch!

Announcing the 24 hour leaderboard – Let everyone know the top 10 and give honorable mentions to all affiliates making sales. Again, provide todays’ swipe. Once again let affiliates know how to get in touch with you.

During the launch you can also give additional prizes and updates to your affiliates and the people involved in your launches. Take a look at the list below…

Daily tasks during launch

Alert your spot prizes – It’s not unusual to get a slump in the middle of a launch and once way to boost sales is to announce daily spot prizes. If your launch is going really well give away good prizes as this will help recruit more affiliates.

Keep recruiting during launch week – Keep communicating with your affiliates and potential affiliates, provide them with stats and always be available when you’re online. Facebook chat, Skype and email should be constantly open.

Announce your leaderboard daily – Keep providing swipes and keep mailing your affiliates daily, even if things go quite. Make your affiliates aware of the close of your launch as this is when the most sales are usually made, give them all the swipe they need well in advance of the close of your launch and prepare them for The

Crush Campaign

72 hours before launch closes THE CRUSH CAMPAIGN BEGINS

The Crush Campaign is a campaign that was created by my buddy Omar Martin and it capitalizes on launch end urgency to bring in a ton of sales as the launch closes.

Add a countdown timer to your sales page. Let everyone know that the launch is coming to an end and mention whatever method you are using for scarcity/urgency.

Some methods include:

• Price increase
• Launch closing
• Removal of bonuses !

I have found from experience closing the launch usually has the best response but whatever you decide make sure it happens when you say so or you will lose credibility.

Provide swipe emails for the remainder of the launch – Tell your affiliates to queue their emails for the remainder of the launch and give them specific times to send each email you should encourage your affiliates to send the following emails:

• 1 email when there’s 72 hours remaining
• 1 email when there’s 48 hours remaining
• 1 email when there’s 24 hours remaining
• 1 email when there’s 12 hours remaining
• 1 email when there’s 6 hours remaining
• 1 email when there’s 3 hours remaining

If you can get any affiliates to commit to this then you will both cash in as this ‘crush campaign’ tactic can bring in more sales in the final 24 hours than the rest of the launch combined. See the bonus ‘Crush Campaign’ report for more info about implementing this method.

Mail mail mail – This is when you make a ton of sales so don’t be afraid to mail, let your affiliates know how well it’s going and keep providing swipe. Also make sure you mail your subscribers at least 3 times in the final 24 hours (see Crush Campaign report).

End of launch!

Pay prize money – If you can pay out your prize money right away as this shows you are someone who can be trusted. No affiliate likes waiting for prizes so try to do this right away.

Record a thank you video for affiliates – Give kudos to every affiliate who has made sales for you and tell them to let you know what they have launching in the future, keep in touch with your affiliates as this is the beginning of a long and fruitful relationship.

Support your customers – Your launch isn’t over yet, now is the time to start delivering value to your customers so make sure you support their needs and over deliver in every department. Get this right and you will have a customer for life.

If you require more help with your own product launches, take a look at Product Launch Control and get the most from your launches.

Thanks for reading How to Plan a 6 Figure Product Launch, I hope you enjoyed the launch breakdown.

Please feel free to comment on any questions you may have.

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