Marketing From Scratch Bussiness Plan 2015

Today I’m going to discuss my Marketing From Scratch Business Plan 2015 and in this short video show you exactly what my plans are.

Warning! This is very very simple indeed

I hope you enjoyed the video and take onboard how simple this business can be. This year alone I have seen more revenue than the previous two years by simply creating and releasing products with the correct marketing in place.

The term Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS) couldn’t be more relevant! So this year I will be keeping it simple and sticking to my business plan:

1. More Products
2. Back to Blogging
3. Building Subscribers (this happens by default)

This also means less time getting caught up in social media.. Watching videos of crazy cats and dogs DOES NOT MAKE YOU MONEY!!

Do you have a plan for 2015?

Also I hope you like the look of the new blog. It took me all of new years day to complete. It still has some tweaks to iron out, but it’s 99% there..