It’s been quite some time since I posted and that’s due to new ventures. One in particular which I have spent the last few months working on as a side project and with that comes new online business frustrations

However not all things are working out as I anticipated

My new venture is targeted to the fitness niche and helping fitness professionals get online with their own programs dedicated to helping new clients. So rather than being customer facing in the gym, they could also diversify their skills and generate online clients.

New Online Business Frustrations - Dan Sumner

Enter Strategic Fitness Pro my new website business!

I include a complete members area with video tutorials and all the material any future online trainer requires. I setup demo blogs that the buyer can follow and edit as their own, a complete and automated sales process, also various lead pages with free giveaways for use with social media ads. The whole Strategic Fitness Pro model is a one stop funnel to create income… But it hasn’t taken off as well as I thought it would?

So what have I done to push the model Instagram

I created an Insta account and started adding content to generate some followers offering free guides, some info images and some engagement. I also linked this to a Facebook page posting the same content.

Affiliates – I ran the whole program through Clickbank and used the CB market place to push the product and contacted affiliates to promote the program.

Ads – I invested about 1k into ads and traffic from Instagram and Facebook

Fiverr – I invested in a couple of gigs to drive organic followers on Instagram. For this presently, I have gained around 500 followers so far. So with social media covered and a few people contacted regarding affiliate promotions I expected a sale or two at the reduced sale price. Unfortunately, and surprisingly, not one sale! Now this is disappointing and a new approach is needed.

Traffic – I was quite concerned when I checked the traffic stats and the actual amount of hops to the sales page was only 350 hops for the last 4 weeks. 13 of these had hit the order page but never purchased the order? This was worrying… I have always been sceptical about the additional tax added by Clickbank and if this scares people away?

Moving on

Anyway, Strategic Fitness Pro is in it’s infancy and I will continue to build it as a side venture until it either succeeds or fails. It’s too early to tell as yet about the marketing techniques I am using and how this will work going forward.

First impressions are disappointing and I can see how new business ventures with limited startup capital can be seen as a failure. If this is you please persevere with your venture and keep pushing forward. You must exhaust all avenues before you retire your business model for something else. No one said that new online business frustrations would be this frustrating 🙂

I will post more about Strategic Fitness Pro as I build on it. But for now, thanks for reading!

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