Partnership to Success

Today I would like to talk the about the age old question that has been asked so many times online by both successful people and not so successful people. What is the question? Do I need a mentor or not? I’ll get to kung-fu in a moment..

I’m going to be truthful from the start here and say that my ‘Business Success Partnership’ link is live from tonight and to be honest it hasn’t worked out the way I had planned it, but it has worked out in a very special way which is going to allow me to be part of a great partnership which involves you if you would like to join in.

I first planned to release my own blog training course and getting started marketing training, but my good friend John Thornhill asked me to be part of his own partnership to success training course. I obviously jumped at the chance to work with John and his students on one of his modules which covers blogging, so for now my own training is on hold for the time being while this exciting time starts for me and you.

I do have something special for the readers of MFS which you can take a look at here. I’m sure you will enjoy what it is I am offering if you decide to join JT and I, or rather JT and I joining you on your own online journey. So before I move into the post for today, take a look at quick video I created which describes a little about what’s in store.

Mentor or no Mentor

The word mentor somehow makes me think of an old Chinese guy from a kung-fu movie. You know the type, Mr Miyagi from the karate kid, the teacher who always puts you straight, and the mentor who keeps you on the right path to success no matter how bad you are failing. Then at the end of the journey has trained you to be the best you can be! This is what a mentor should be like, someone who is going to stick with you until the end and see your journey to fruition and watch you become all you can be. Sounds dramatic doesn’t it?

It’s true. A mentor should be everything you need to them to be. With that said, if you are considering choosing someone to help you build your business online your decisions should not be taken likely. There are a lot of factors in place that you need to take into account before you take the plunge! It’s not a twist of fate, like those old kung-fu movies, this is business and your future which depends on the initial choice you need to make or not.

If you are considering going down the teacher/mentor route then here are a few things you need to take into account:

  • Research – Take a look at the person you want to help you. Do you want them to be in a partnership to your success?
  • Reputation – Once again research their background. Can your new mentor teach you what you need to know?
  • Questions – Don’t be afraid to ask questions before you invest in your future.
  • Guarantees – What are your guarantees for success? Are there any hidden terms.
  • Compatibility – Is your chosen teacher a good fit for you. Can you see yourself in a good working relationship with this person?
  • Dedication – Are they dedicated to help you get over any problems you may have or struggle with. You don’t want to be left out half way through the course.
  • Cost – In my opinion this is a not an issue, but can be for most. If your mentor is willing to take you to the next level and invest in you, then it’s worth every penny.

No Mentor

Depending on your level of experience, your ability to take onboard process and develop information, a mentor is not necessarily needed in the short term or to get started. However at some point in your IM career you will need help and advice from someone and that’s a fact! I have friends earning 6 and 7 figures per year and they all have a mentor, they all have someone at the end of the phone who they can call for advice on building their business. Success comes from not only working hard, but by making the right business decisions and it’s these decisions you need to make to control your own future.

Take my advice when I say you can only go so far alone and everyone needs help at some point. I personally am at a point where I am looking to move to another level in business. I have some traffic goals that I would like to achieve to build this blog and increase my subscriber base. I have 3 people in mind who I think would be a great help, which in turn would be a great help to you. As you already know, I share what I learn with my subscribers good or bad.

The truth is without a mentor or help, things will move very slow. Research has to be done alone, testing needs to be done alone, the processes of elimination have to be completed alone. The bottom line is you have to rely on your own advice and findings to move forward. Sure you can buy products along the way to help you which is always a great idea, but how much do you spend? Where do you stop? Do you then become a victim of shiny object syndrome, buying products and heading in different directions because someone said you should! Only you can answer this question.

The Free Route

You maybe thinking at this point about blogs and the free advice people give such as yourself in your own blogs or business, but is it always enough? I love reading blogs and other posts about traffic and blogging and business. Derek Halpern from Social Triggers is a post I hardly ever miss reading due to great info he provides. But reading post after post is never enough to give you full picture. Yes, it gives you the pieces of the puzzle, but not always the ultimate picture, you have to create your own A to Z of what to do. This is why online courses are created so they give the full picture (I was going to say enchilada) so courses can be complete with a clear path of what to do or where to go next.

So with all that said, do I think a mentor is worth it? Absolutely!!

What are your thoughts on mentors vs self learning? Let me know in the comments below. Oh and if you liked the post please share it in any ways you can.

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