My plans are in place how are you getting on? Where are you in your online journey..


Where Are You in Your Journey

We are firmly back into the groove and into work mode. I bet it feels like you never left or even had a holiday! I know it feels like that for me.

“Anyway, sad face off as it’s not time for sad faces but rather concentration faces and determined faces.”

I said I was going to keep you up to date with projects, ideas and recommendations throughout this year and that is what I’m going to do. So where are we in our plan of attack?

What’s been happening?

I started the year with a small and simple plan to blog more and create more products and that is exactly what I’m sticking with apart from one other thing which I will get to in a sec.

So in order of nothing here is what’s been happening:

Number 1

Product creation is in place for 4 products this year so far. My aim is four new products for the year with periodic sales of older products i.e. seasonal, specials, re-launches etc to generate more income through the year because putting it simply that is where the money is…

Take a look my last special launch of PLR Monthly with Dave Nicholson for example. We generated over 400 sales in 3 days and over 25k in sales. Which isn’t bad for a 3 days special package at a reduced price.

I will talk more about launches and re-launches in another post but for now. Let’s continue with the update.

My 4 products are planned in and carved in stone as a project, but not added to my launch calendar yet. If you have any project ideas I suggest you do the same. If you can commit to a launch date, then do so it makes you work toward a deadline. But don’t set it to tight, ensure you have enough time for planning your launch and letting potential affiliates know your plans.

If you are not sure about launches and planning check out Product launch Control (PLC), it will help.

PLC brings me neatly on to another launch in the ‘Control’ series to look out for from myself and John Thornhill. We have a plan for an affiliate and commission product to help out in these very same areas. The domain is set, but no launch day yet.

I’m almost finished my first launch of the year which I have had some problems with. I’m keeping it a secret for now, but what I would like to say is Michael Cheney has fried my brain and given me a full days worth of extra work and about $150 investment extra from a 4 minute video! However the advice he has given me is invaluable and it makes complete sense.

Once again there is another post I will follow up with soon.

OK that’s about it for launches and my main business focus. I suggest that if you do anything online this year you aim for your own product to sell. Trust me that’s where the major money is. I made over 6 figures last year from launching products…

OK what’s next?

Number 2

Reading is another focus of mine which I kind of let slip last year. I read about 5 books last year which is a pretty poor effort considering I usually go through about 1-2 per month.

So I started strong with a new book this year called Virtual Assistant Assistant by Nick Loper. It’s basically about hiring virtual assistants and making the most from their work.

This short little book stirred something up for me and my head started spinning with ideas to what I could use a virtual assistant (VA) for. They are priced at around $400 per month for 4 hours work per day. This to me seems the way to go to move forward with my business.

I could use help with blog posting, commenting, research, emails, extra support and more. I’m sure I could use 4 hours work per day to my benefit, especially for the $400 price tag. I will get around to this soon as I have some loose ends to tie up before I could create training videos for training a new VA.

“I think this one is a case of nothing ventured nothing gained. Has anyone any experience with VA’s?”

Number 3

Blog posting is another big one this year for me. Obviously if I get a VA I will have more time to compile and write posts and promote them to others. But blogging is ongoing and I will be providing info to you as and when it’s needed.

Apart from what I have talked about here, I will continue with product recommendations and providing info via email and my Facebook group. If you missed my Marketing From Scratch FB group, check that out right here:

So what do you think of the plan so far? Is the VA a good idea for growth?

Also have you started your own online product yet how is that going? Where are you in your online journey?

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