Only 2 Bonus Opportunities to Work With Me Left

I have short a fun post for you this week about the winners of my competition. When I first launched Marketing From Scratch I  issued a quick competition to get the MFS Facebook Page going and to generate some likes for the page. To do this is I simply said that the first 5 people to like my page would win a prize!

Now obviously people like to win prizes and therefore the 5 ‘likes’ shot in within seconds of me setting the post live and sending out the email. Check out the MFS page below:

Marketing From Scratch

Before I announce the winners and the prizes. Just think about how quick this happened and how people reacted to winning something for simply clicking a button. In the future if you ever need a fast reaction or for people to participate in something that they may not normally participate in, simple offer a prize for doing so.

Prizes can be anything you like. Since I am in the digital downloads business, my prizes could be completely free from cost. An eBook download, a virtual money off voucher, a subscription to my monthly Online Income Advisor members area. All of these have zero delivery and zero cost to replicate.

So with that said, remember when you need a reaction or need people to pay more attention to something that normal, host an online competition. It works!

The winners of the competition are:

1. Robert corrigan
2. Matthew Crump
3. Ian Anderson
4. John Yodonise
5. Jo Bilski

And your prize is tadaaa:

MFS Coffee Mug

Your very own MFS coffee mug










Your very own MFS mug. No, you don’t just win a picture it’s the real thing! All I ask is when you receive it, you post a picture of it on Facebook.

Please message me via the MFS Facebook page so I can verify it’s you and grab your mailing address to send your mug.

I’m sure I will be hosting more competitions in the future with more fun prizes. But for now, please leave your comments on the benefits of prizes and if you feel in the liking and sharing mood, check out the MFS FB page HERE.

Remember, there are Only 2 Bonus Opportunities to Work With Me Left

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