4 Inexpensive Ways to Add Subscribers to Your Mailing List

You only have 2 choices!

Pay for it or work for it!

And seeing as very few people want to pay for it or should I say the vast majority don’t want to pay for it, here are 4 inexpensive ways to add subscribers to your mailing list.

4 Inexpensive Ways to Add Subscribers to Your Mailing List

Discounting paid traffic and ads here, we are going to talk about putting your fingers to work and adding a few little improvements to your blogs and websites to add a few subscribers to help build your mailing lists.

Remember these are simple methods which do work, but do require a little work on your behalf. Nothing is free, you either pay in cash or pay in time.

Whatever you do, you must do something, nothing happens from doing nothing.

Invest in some time consuming tasks today and reap the rewards later. In the words of Pat Flynn “We work hard now to continually reap the benefits later

So here we go with 4 Inexpensive Ways to Add Subscribers to Your Mailing List

Simplicity is the key to success, it’s only hard when you make it hard

Number 1:

Probably the most time consuming of all is your own product. But this is by far one of the single best ways to build subscribers and make an income. When you sell your own products, you list build by default.

By adding the correct systems in place when selling your own products such as:

  • email opt-in for new and existing members
  • exit opt-in for non-buyers
  • pre-launch opt-in for pre-launch buyers

You stand to add a considerable amount of new subscribers to your mailing lists.

I know what you are thinking?

Don’t be afraid of product creation. If you have a specific knowledge of something which others don’t, you are already half way to your own product success; you simply have to leverage a few tools to help you create your own product platform.

The two tools you can use for this are:

OptimizePress 2.0 (website sales page creation)


Aweber (mailing list collection and broadcast facility)

For a little more info on product creation, you can check this free webinar out which is very informative indeed when it comes to product development and deployment.

Number 2:

We should get progressively easier now, but it still involves a little work.

Creating your own free guide and distributing it on your blog or simple squeeze page.
You don’t have to go as far as full-on product creation, a simple 10 page report with an eBook cover will suffice for this one (look at my sidebar and popup).

If you have your own blog, you should have a subscription option in the form of a popup, sidebar subscription, footer subscription etc to attract the attention of your visitors.

I hate popups!

I hear you, but the harsh truth is they work and they convert better than any other subscription placement on any part of your website, so use them!

The same works for a squeeze page offering a free guide or piece of content for an email address. Simple and effective, there are no other distractions, just the option to subscribe to get something for free.

Remember, there are dedicated companies that profit from providing only squeeze page templates so they work! There is no denying it.

Almost any WordPress blog theme can be setup to create a squeeze page, you don’t have to buy into expensive themes, simply look around and you will find one.

MFS blog theme works very well.

Number 3:

Social Sharing buttons – They don’t directly build subscribers, but they do work hand in hand with your blog and opt-in. Think of it like this.

Content creation – Share options – Content is shared via social media – new reader views content – new reader becomes a subscriber via opt-in


Social sharing buttons are available as free downloads, plugins, code, basically they can be added to any website, blog or squeeze page. There are no limitations.

Number 4:

The good old email signature – Over the years this has started to disappear or maybe has just been forgotten or overshadowed by social sharing buttons, but recently I added a small line of text to my email signature which simply said “download your business report here”.

Well what do you know, I seen an increase in subscribers to that particular report, proving that email signatures are still a simple and effective way for adding subscribers.

All of the techniques discussed today work very well together and beauty of it is, you only need to add them once to create a simple effective stream of subscribers. Do it today.

On a side note, product creation can be hard and time consuming, but if done correctly can directly lead to huge incomes and massive increases in subscribers.

Do you use any of the above? Can you add to the list of simple set and forget systems?

Thanks for reading.

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