Beginners Email Marketing Conclusion


I hope you have found value in the entire course and learned that email marketing is a lot more than simply sending a few emails to your subscribers and hoping for the best.

Let’s finish off the beginners email marketing conclusion by looking at a few of the key points in this course, that are most important.


Writing The Perfect Email

Remember that studies have shown that 50% of people open an emails based on the subject line. So spend some time crafting your title. Use the ’50 Email Marketing Headlines to Make You a Legend’ to give you some pointers on how to craft a great title.

Don’t forget the golden rules, be engaging with your readers and remember the call to action within your emails to push the readers to click through to your offers whatever they may be.

Learning how to write the perfect email is important, it will tech you to become a better writer, a confident copywriter and ultimately give you an understanding of your email list and how to speak to the people on that list.

Don’t underestimate the power of writing a simple email and just how that email can have huge effects on on your business engagement with your audience and also your income.

Check back on the ‘How to Write The Perfect Email‘ page to refresh your skills.


Tools to Building Your List

In this post we looked at the tools in the email marketing toolbox and how you can use them. We’ve established, that we won’t scrimp on the most important software purchases and the need for a great auto responder.

Personally, I like to use the following software tools in my toolbox:

Get Response and Aweber

We also discussed opt-in forms and many types of popup that are essential for your landing pages, thank you pages and blogs.

Furthermore, we looked into how essential a good lead magnet is to get people on your list. Remember, having a simple subscribe to my newsletter opt-in will not get the same conversions as a free guide or video series.

The more value you add, the more subscribers will opt-in.

Check back on the ‘Tools to Building Your Subscriber List‘ page to refresh your skills.


Where to Build Your Email List

With all your subscriber and opt-in tools in place and your software ready for email collection. What’s left to do is to find out how and where to build your email list.

Remember Who You Serve

We discussed that your audience is paramount to your success. You don’t need to serve everyone, this simply won’t work! The world is diverse enough without trying to make everyone happy. You will fail trying to achieve this so don’t start with everyone, serve only a specific few.

Once you find your audience and where they hangout, you can then start to craft your authority by helping people. Once you start helping, commenting useable advice, people will seek you out.

We also discussed my favourite way to list build and that is creating your own products and recruiting affiliates. If you create a great product with a great affiliate offer, you need only create 1 product and this could build subscribers for the rest of your life. Likewise, if you create 10 products and 10 great offers you can scale it up as far as you like.

Check back on the ‘How and Where to Build Your Email List‘ page to refresh your skills.



The first of two technical parts of the beginners email marketing series.

Most email marketers simply don’t use segmentation within their business. Maybe this is down to complexity, or lack of understanding. But no matter what it is, you are missing out on some real conversion increases by not segmenting your subscribers.

Email segmentation and how to use it can be tough to get your head around, but it’s a proven to work technique that will increase open rates, sales and engagement.

At the lowest level at least, try to segment by engagement and sales to track buyers and the most engaging email addressees. These can be found by analysing your email software open rates.

Check back on the ‘What is Email Segmentation and How to Use it‘ page to refresh your skills.

Getting Through The Spam Filters

Probably the most technical aspect of the course, but highly relevant and dare I say overlooked by a lot of people. There are a lot of technical aspects to spam filters and controlling your email list, to keep it as clean as possible. This takes time to master and time to do, but don’t skip doing all you can do to get through the spam filters. Your business relies on email delivery.

Check back on the ‘Getting Through The Spam Filters‘ page to refresh your skills.


Automate and Test

If you can automate your email marketing, you effectively remove the need to manually complete a task for your business. As a result, removing a person or a time constricted task and placing that time or person elsewhere, you Increase automation and productivity.

Within this section, we looked at email broadcast 1 time blasts vs auto responders and the need for both within your auto responder suite.

We also looked at testing and how it is vital to maintaining your business integrity. Whatever you business niche, always make the effort to analyse your metrics and monitor your list. Doing so could really make a difference to your business and allow you to make necessary changes to help you move forward.

Check back on the ‘How to Automate and Test Email Marketing‘ page to refresh your skills.


Did You Enjoying The Series?

Finally, I hope you are enjoying ‘Beginners Email Marketing Series‘ and series if want to review¬† or skip back. Below you can find the links to the full 10 part series:

  1. Introduction
  2. How to Write The Perfect Email
  3. 50 Email Marketing Headlines to Make You a Legend
  4. Tools to Building Your Subscriber List
  5. How and Where to Build Your Email List
  6. What is Email Segmentation and How to Use it
  7. How to Avoid The Spam Filters
  8. Impressive Email Marketing Style
  9. How to Automate and Test Email Marketing
  10. Beginners Email Marketing Conclusion


Comments – Over to You

Please comment on your thoughts below. I would love to hear what you think about ‘Beginners Email Marketing Series‘. Is there anything you would add or any tips you yourself use that would help others?


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