Impressive Email Marketing Style

Impressive Email Marketing Style


Don’t worry about it, it’s only a small typo! Or is it? Impressive email marketing style could be the make or break to engage a customer, so when they say “don’t sweat about the small stuff”… do in this case.


I Will Happen to You

I guarantee 100% that if you’ve been in the email marketing business, both as a vendor or consumer you have seen or created a typo! And I also guarantee, you have received a reply from some ‘jumped up grammarian’ who has snubbed your work.

I’m guessing you have figured out this has happened to me on a few occasions, judging by my tone. Well yeah it has…

At first I took the (I’m better than thou at writing) seriously to heart. Then I grew not to caring too much, I just ignored it. Now I usually reply with a thanks and try to correct myself in future emails (the best option).

As much as it may happen. In all seriousness, grammar and typo’s are affecting you inbox reputation.


Your Inbox Reputation

All the snubbing aside, you need to take a second to proof read your material. Yeah you aren’t going to get it right every time, usually when you read your own content back to yourself, you can go blind because you know in your head what you have written, so it can be tough to spot mistakes.

But, if you are going it alone and wearing all the hats in your biz, then it’s up to you to proof read your own material. A few tips on this later…

Before I give you the list, let’s talk about inbox reputation.


What is Inbox Reputation

Imagine you are writing an email for your mailing list, you are following all the tips we discussed earlier in ‘Writing The Perfect Email‘. You hit send, all is good, you have a proud moment of success thinking you’ve achieved a milestone.

The email you have proudly sent, propagates through the server channels, through the spam filters and hits the inbox of the people on your list. Success! I’ll make a celebration cup of tea and wait for the replies…

In steps ‘Mr Grammarian’ who has just subscribed to your material. He reads the first 3 lines and whoosh… he hits the ‘this is spam!’ button.

Why Did Mr Grammarian Spam Me?

In short he thought the email sucked, or should I say in my best English tone “Oh I say, a grammatical error, that’s simply not cricket” and he spams you.

Consequently, you reputation goes down and you lose a subscriber. Probably not a great one, but you lost one all the same.

So, ask yourself a question… should you check your typos and grammar before you hit send?


What Does This Say About You?

Obviously, you’re a good intelligent person, but how do you perceive a person via email? Only from their words… so bear in mind how you could be perceived when you send an email and what your subscribers may think?

What do people think when you send an email full of typo’s and grammar errors?

  1. The sender doesn’t know basic spelling and grammar
  2. The sender didn’t care enough about this message to review it before sending
  3. Why would I buy from this person


Here’s a few tips, that should help you build the right impression:

  • Keep your tone professional
  • Use the correct email punctuation
  • Write in your own voice  (we’ll get to this next)
  • Keep subject lines punchy and open worthy
  • Leave the right impression with your email sign off
  • Triple-check your recipient’s name (or don’t use it at all)
  • Consider the tone of your email
  • Don’t use unreadable font type


Write in Your Own Voice

I wouldn’t say I was a great writer, far from it, but I write in my own voice and that counts for something. You see people don’t want wooden ‘Buy My Product Emails’ copied from some product affiliate page because the text on the page says ‘these emails convert like gangbusters’.

Subscribers signed up for you and your offers, from your opt-in because they read your copy. So the best you can do is write a good email and give them what they want… which is you.

Use your voice and use it well. If you add a little slang in there, so what! Make it count, but make it readable.

Lastly and most importantly, ensure check your work before you hit send.


Try these tips to help you:

  1. Proofread backwards
  2. Stop at every punctuation mark
  3. Scan the first word of each paragraph
  4. Verify spellings of people’s names
  5. Verify spellings of company names
  6. Verify spellings of product names
  7. Verify spellings of titles

Whatever you write, write it well, but remember this. You can’t please everyone and there will always be someone who doesn’t like your style and will spam you for the smallest error.

Similarly, there will always be someone who likes your emails and looks forward to them. So don’t sweat it too much if people complain and leave. It’s not you it’s them…


Are You Enjoying The Email Marketing for Beginners Series?

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Comments – Over to You

Please comment on your thoughts below. I would love to hear what you think about ‘Impressive Email Marketing Style’. Is there anything you would add or any tips you se yourself that would help others?


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